We are Web Design Agency, geared for the web.

Why did we name our company, Milk of all things? Milk is one of the most important foodstuffs in the world, being rich in nutrients to help a mammal grow. Think of our company as the nutrients that help you and promote the growth of your company.


Our nutrients which are comprised of web design, digital marketing and branding will serve as the vital elements to levitate your company to the next level. We are confident that the wizardry in our nutrients can help your business achieve its goals.


We believe that with a bit of creativity, a sound strategy and attention to data, the internet can become a powerful part of your marketing and communications plans. Helping you punch through the noise using our electronic sorcery is our core philosophy.


Corporate Website Development

We have a true passion for developing websites to help your business grow, and that is what we do best. Our websites are built to accommodate for all screen sizes from desktop to mobile. In short, we utilize the principles of responsive web design.

Ecommerce Website Development

We also develop e-commerce websites to help your business achieve more sales from online means, as well as boosting public exposure of your company and its products.

Search Engine Optimization

Each of our custom-made websites are optimized for fast page loads. We also optimize websites for better search engine hits (such as building and submitting sitemaps), as well as integration with tracking services like Google Analytics.

Hosting & Maintenance

Our hosting servers are located at Malaysia. Besides website hosting, we also provide e-mail hosting and more. We also provide technical support for our customers, alongside regular software and security updates.

Graphic Design

We don’t just design your website – we also provide graphic design services for your business, such as logo creation, banners, business cards, product brochures, etc.

Product Shooting

We understand that getting product imagery for your website is anything but trouble-free. To make it stress-free for you, we also provide professional product shooting services to obtain high quality imagery for your website.

Technical Support

Technical problems happen all the time. Let us be your shield against such problems. We provide technical support for technical issues and offer solutions/recommendations so that you can focus on the important bits to keep your business up and running.


We also offer consultation services and provide meaningful advice to customers on how a customized website benefits their business.



Share your vision and ideas with us so that we can fully understand your website’s goals.


Creating several mockups for your selection using different theme and also full mock, you will get to see every page of your website before we develop the actual website itself.


This is where all the wizardry happens, where your mockup will be brought to life (however, it’s only viewable to you for the reviewal and approval process).

Test & Live

Once development is complete, we will test for bugs and squash them before deploying your website.


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